We’ve got a great team of talent at CleanEnergy4All. Learn about the passionate people behind our mission.

Bob Pohl


Bob Pohl, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame as well as Boston University, brings years of leadership experience to the CleanEnergy4All Foundation. Dr. Pohl has served in a myriad of strategic positions in the fields of business and education.

As Chairman of CE4A, he utilizes these skills to drive a strategic approach to the company. In addition, his plethora of work in philanthropy contributes to the Foundation’s ability to understand the cultures of non-profit organizations which are the host recipients for the clean energy solution.

Peter Pohl


Peter Pohl has been involved in the sustainable/green energy field for 30 years. As far back as 1982, his leadership and active management skillset lead Environmental Design Inc (EDI) to become one of the leading solar thermal and photovoltaic companies in California. Along with his partners EDI is also now a leading expert in commercial solar projects.

As the President of CE4A, Pete’s expertise in alternative energy technologies and the financial aspects of clean energy helps the Foundation to oversee the project development and the generation of the capital needed for the successful installation of the systems for the carefully selected host charities.

Peter is also an active manager/investor in several other companies including an all-electric green skateboard company as well as an international commercial print firm that specializes in the use of environmental safe inks, clean production technologies and recycled/post-consumer waste papers and stocks.

Kevin Hallinan


A Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Sustainability and Energy Informatics Laboratory at the University of Dayton. His major responsibility with CE4A is to develop an economically sustainable clean energy enterprise for low-income residential communities.

Gail Hamer


Gail is the Owner/President of GEH Associates, LLC for 28 years, a full-charge bookkeeping and property management business.  The focus of the company is upon full services to non-profit organizations.

Caitlin Patrick


Caitlin is passionate about community, and manages public relations for a number of companies, including but not limited to social media and blog writing. Her main objective is to create thought-provoking writing and story-telling that captures the mission of CE4A, while also informing the community about the growth that is happening and lessons learned.