The Work

Project Showcase

We are in the business of empowerment. At CleanEnergy4All we believe if you provide vulnerable communities with the tools to improve, they will flourish, all while teaching powerful lessons about the environment. Thanks to many donors, wonderful partners and a lot of hard work, we are very proud to share with you the work we have done.

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What’s Next for Us?

Our Next Project is Here!

  • 20 Projects
  • 20kWh
  • $2M to Raise

Learn more about 20-4-20

What is the 20-4-20 SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT? It’s the next phase for CleanEnergy4All! Our goal is to develop 20kWh solar projects for 20 pre-approved national Community Based Organizations (CBOs), including a regional collective of up to ten charities in the Ohio Midwest region.