Our Projects

Prototype—Twin Towers, East Dayton, Ohio

Project Description

The initial renewal effort is directed to service residents within a geographically defined area, the Twin Towers neighborhood of East Dayton. Within this target zone there reside 3,000 citizens, made up of arrivals from Appalachian as well as members of both the African American and Latin America communities. Approximately 67% of the female led families live in poverty. Over fifty (50 %) per cent of all families live in government defined poverty. Approximately sixty (65%) five per cent of the population rents their home.

Why Such a Solution?

The comprehensive sustainable energy plan for the Twin Towers community changes the mindset of the community, moving it from a sense of dependency to a sense of controlling its own future.

The community with its own local energy sources lessens its dependency upon third parties for much of its power. Linked to these efforts to integrate clean energy into the fabric of the neighborhood, work training and job creation will take place as well as the development of educational opportunities for the children of the neighborhood.

Result—comprehensive, systemic change in East Dayton—A MODEL


***Solar Systems
***Battery Storage Centers
***Job Training
***Business Creation
***Energy Efficiency Upgrades
***Community Solar Farm
***Energy CommunityEducation Plan & Energy Educator
***EV Charging Stations


***City of Dayton
***Dayton Public Schools
***East End Community Services
***Gosiger, Inc
***New Hope Church
***Miami Valley Life Alliance
***Mission of Mary
***Ohio Power Solutions
***Ruskin School
***Shafer Design
***University of Dayton

East End Community Services