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East End Community Services

Project Description

With $100,000 pledged and donated with the direct oversight of CleanEnergy4All, East End Community Services is online with a rooftop solar system to power the facility and benefit the surrounding environment.

East End Community Services has served the East Dayton, OH residents for over 20 years by providing a comprehensive response to generational poverty found in the community. The work of East End Community Services breaks the predictable trajectory of children in impoverished situations.

A nationally recognized program provider following the Harlem Children’s Zone approach, East End Community Services is achieving success by providing the following services to the community: Early childhood education program; academic support to school-aged children; and the rehabilitation of over 200 homes in the East Dayton area, which has provided housing ownership opportunities to a population of families that previously lived in squalor.

With the projected $250,000 savings over a 20-year period, East End Community Services will be able to further expand its services to the East Dayton community.

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