Welcome to the Sustainability Donor Fund!

Welcome to the Sustainability Donor Fund!!

The goal is to raise a $1,000,000/funding pool.  CE4A will identify up to ten (10) charities within a specific impoverished region and will provide each site with its clean energy solution.

The CleanEnergy4All solution includes a solar system and battery storage:

  • Solar power has an obvious impact on the environment and it provides savings on utility costs which frees up valuable capital for these successful charities.  CE4A, through our technological monitoring system, measures the environmental impact and financial savings each system produces, then works with these charities to specifically earmark the financial savings and how they are applied to their programs.
  • CE4A also deploys a battery storage solution at the charity site. The storage provides the capacity for the charity and the community that it serves to have energy “resiliency” via backup power in the event of a traumatic event impacting the delivery of energy from the grid.

Here is how battery storage works—REALLY COOL!

It is estimated that these systems will provide 250,000 watts of power. The savings and therefore, the increased unrestricted revenues accruing to all the charities, will approximate $3,000,000. The storage will give the charities the capacity to serve as community centers whenever a breakdown in the utility grid takes place.

Love to receive feedback and comments from you. 

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