East End Community Services Partners With CleanEnergy4All to Reduce Energy Costs

East End Community Services in partnership with the CleanEnergy4All Foundation, today announced the installation of a new, solar energy system to the East End Community Services campus located at 624 Xenia Ave. in Dayton’s East End/Twin Tower’s neighborhood.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the system is expected to save East End Community Services more than $200,000 during the first twenty years of operation. The financial savings will help East End to substantially reduce its energy costs and thereby provide the financial resources necessary to support and enhance the programs offered to children and families which are central to East End’s mission.

“The solar energy system donation made by CleanEnergy4All will help us advance our mission to help each child succeed by preparing children to be self-sufficient, contributing members of the future workforce,” said Jan Lepore-Jentleson, Executive Director of East End Community Services. “The solar energy system simultaneously makes a positive contribution to the environment by minimizing their carbon footprint.”

“East End Community Services is an amazing organization that provides children and their families with greatly-needed programs and services that otherwise would not be available to them,” said Bob Pohl, Chairman of CleanEnergy4All.  “With roots in the community we live in, choosing to partner with EECS was a natural fit. We know the positive impact of the short and long terms benefits on EECS operations and, in turn, the Dayton community will receive are going to be felt for years to come.”

CleanEnergy4All, a non-profit focused on providing alternative energy sources for the most vulnerable communities, served as the project fundraiser and installation manager. Sunpreme, based in California, is the provider of the solar panels and system and Chapel Electric, a local electric contractor, will be overseeing the installation of the system.

“Sunpreme is honored to be part of the East End Community Center / CleanEnergy4All project. We believe our advanced solar technology blends perfectly with CleanEnergy4All’s forward thinking on providing charities with a no-cost solar energy system,” said Bill Adams, Vice President of Marketing, Southern California for Sunpreme, Ltd.

For more information on East End Community Services, or the solar energy project, visit www.east-end.org. For more information on other efforts by CE4A please, visit www.cleanenergy4all.org.

About East End Community Services:

East End Community Services, a nonprofit organization started in 1998 in east Dayton, Ohio, has developed a comprehensive and systematic approach to creating a supportive and self-reliant community. The primary goal of East End is to help each child succeed to the best of his or her abilities in order to become successful, self-sufficient, contributing members of the future workforce. In order for children to be successful, East End works to provide excellent schools, access to quality health services, stable, employed families and a thriving community with safe, high-quality housing.

About CleanEnergy4All

CleanEnergy4All, a 501 ©3 organization, seeks to transform the lives of the most vulnerable, to enhance the environment and to impact the resilience of at-risk communities. By providing alternative energy sources such as solar and battery installations to highly respected charities, CleanEnergy4All procures the energy system funding and oversees the installations. Charities are then able to funnel the energy cost savings into their valuable operational programs, helping enhance their effectiveness for the communities they serve. Follow CleanEnergy4All on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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